02 August 2008

Bo Jackson, Meet Jeff Samardzija

I always wanted Jeff Samardzija to go to the NFL; I would have loved to see how his excellent size, sticky hands, and long stride would have translated to a Pro-style offense. The 6' 5'' wide receiver was an excellent route runner of course, but his impressive catches and ability to adjust to the ball were the characteristics that separated Samardzija from other talented WR's.

But Jeff felt his future lay in baseball and who am I to argue. In 3 appearances with the Chicago Cubs, Samardzija has shown a consistent 97 mph fastball with a "nasty sinking motion," according to Cubs analyst Bob Brenly. The dual sport star has also shown the ability to strike out Major League hitters, which is a rare skill.

With all respect to Jeff's baseball success, here's a quick look back at the wide receiver's college stats at Notre Dame...and for more Jeff Samardzija information, take a look at his very interactive website, http://www.jeff-samardzija.com/index.asp

179 Receptions
2,593 Yards Receiving (Notre Dame record)
17 Touchdowns


Captain MaƱana said...

Where'd you get the picture of Anita Bryant in a Raider's uniform?

Graham Filler said...

Yea, the hair is fantastic isn't it, just impressive...the flowing mane, the make-up...He is going with a more mussed up look with the Cubbies now...not that I noticed