08 May 2008

Talk to Chuck...Unless You're From Michigan

If no one has taken a look at Charlie Weis' latest statements regarding, well anything, I will go ahead and post them:

"I always been one to never make excuses and not go about airing it," Weis said. "We’re going to start on September 6 with San Diego State. I think that the first opportunity we’re really gonna have to make a statement is that day.

"And then we’ll listen to Michigan have all their excuses as they come running in and saying how they have a new coaching staff and there’s changes. To hell with Michigan!"

Weis also commented on his recruiting philosophy:

"I could get hoodlums and thugs and win tomorrow,'' Weis said. ''I won't do it that way."

With these comments, Weis's reputation as an uncompromisingly crass coach with a sense of entitlement will be solidified. And one must wonder where exactly Charlie Weis is coming from. Didn't he just take College Football's most storied program through a 3-9 season? Shouldn't all his top recruits be making some kind of impact? Why is Chuck so rude?

"Everyone likes large sweaty men in fun hats, it's jolly."

I think Charlie Weis's biggest problem is his roots. He comes from the Bill Belichick coaching tree and seems to have inherited Bill's surliness and also Bill's disdain for the media. Charlie Weis seems to think that just because he was the head O Coordinator for a Super Bowl winning coach who dislikes the media, he can treat the media and other teams exactly the way Belichick does. I am sure Charlie approves Belichick's dead fish handshakes to opposing head coaches or the way Belichick walked off the Superbowl field with 1 second remaining, upstaging the champion Giants.

The superiority complex and ability to belittle others works well for Belichick; he has embraced the Gordon Gekko meets Darth Vader comparisons and has become respected for his constant winning and fantastic in-game adjustments. But Weis has taken the most storied program in College Football and given them a record breaking 3-9 season and a chance for pundits and broadcasters to mock them for a full year. And yet Weis still fires salvo's like "to hell with Michigan" and also (indirectly) asserts that other schools win only because they have thugs and hoodlums. This is the equivalent of losing a fight and then mocking your opponent as he is sitting on you, victorious.

As a Michigan fan, I am of course excited to have Mr. Weis on the schedule year in and year out. Weis's arrogance and rudeness seems to substantiate all those stereotypes of the Notre Dame Superiority Complex and allows Michigan fans to mock, ridicule, and boo the Irish all they want. He spices up the rivalry much more than say, Jim Tressel, who wins games in a classy manner and doesn't resort to outright insults or complaining.

Here is my advice for Chuck: If you want to continue with the whole "arrogant coach who knows better than all of you" persona, win some games and develop a cute trait, something the media can grab onto to make you more human (because everyone loves a winner!). Belichick always mumbles into the microphone after his troops have destroyed another opponent, Woody Hayes tackled players on the field just to show he was crazy, Bob Knight made crazy faces...My suggestion for you is to sweat profusely at all press conferences (think Billy Bob in Varsity Blues) and wear a fun hat...Everyone likes large sweaty men in fun hats, it's jolly.

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