15 May 2008

Let's hope Buckeye Nation gets the memo...

As Graham shows us, iconoclasm can be redeeming. Somehow he's managed to twist and pervert the sanctity of our universal stadium language, the heroic voice of Buckeye Nation, into some freak relic of the unimaginative, and, dare I say, uneducated masses. Yes Ohio fans, it's true, the Michigander doesn't like our four stadium corners approach to recognition. (Although, I will admit, the "I" section -- usually the bunch in the closed end of the Horseshoe is always a little slow to the punch. What's the deal?)

"Pry-or" - "Bor-en"

So, I suggest we get rid of the "O-H-I-O," and any variation thereof, and head in a new direction. From now on whenever a fellow Buckeye is in the vicinity and you feel the need to acknowledge your carnal spirit in a unintelligent fashion, say "Pry-or." To which they will naturally respond, "Bor-en."

Not bad, huh? And I'm confident our friends from up north will approve.

Problem solved.

1 comment:

Graham Filler said...

Are you sure you want to chant "Bor-en"? Are you sure you want to put all your stock in a talented and lazy fellow who dislikes hard work? It's scary, but doesn't my last sentence sound like a nice description of Maurice Clarett?