14 July 2008

The Big 10's Most Intriguing Player Needs a Nickname

Todd Boeckman does not strike the casual observer as the most intriguing player in the Big 10. But this 6' 4'', 240 lb. Buckeye quarterback will be a prime player in some of the most interesting subplots of the 2008 college football season. Can USC expose this signal caller's weaknesses to pull off a win in the "game of the year"? Will the Buckeye faithful call for Terrelle Pryor to start if the Buckeye's struggle early? With teams keying on Heisman favorite Beanie Wells, can Boeckman put up monster numbers?

But I digress...Hate OSU or love 'em, I think Todd Boeckman needs a nickname. If he is going to spend so much time in the national spotlight, announcers, critics, and fans need something to grip onto instead of a boring German sounding name. My ideas are below, feel free to post or email me (grahamfiller10@yahoo.com) with your own.

"Becks" (like David Beckham)
"Lodi Toddy, he likes to party"
"Fast Version of Ryan Mallet"
"Slow Version of Chris Leak"
"Give Me the Ball" (Beanie Wells' suggestion)

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