29 April 2008

Graham's Opening Salvo

Readers, welcome to The Rivalry, Esq., and let me say one thing to begin: I truly enjoy the chance to blog about issues and ideas of social, legal, athletic, and political importance. I have been waiting my whole life to appear important and intelligent. This...is my chance.

But seriously, I have a little credibility to discuss these things; I did my undergrad with some progressive hippies at Miami of Ohio and I am currently slogging through law school, one exam away from being done with my 2nd year. I also played high school sports and won the 2003 Miami Intramural Sports Trivia Competition (it was in a Jeopardy format, my 2 roommates and I took the title on the final question).

"I have been waiting my whole life to appear important and intelligent.  This...is my chance"

I will leave this first post full of the most important questions and pressing issues on my exam- frazzled mind. I am sure this can only get more interesting...
  • Should the 3rd year of law school be modified to be more constructive...or eliminated completely? Is there authority on this?
  • Are there too many lawyers? What do we do about all these sharks in the water?
  • Should law school be more practical to the actual practice of law? (Not that it isn't right now...mm...)
  • Should the Supreme Court members be constructive deities in American Law?
  • How will the Rich Rodriguez Spread Option translate to Michigan football in the Big Ten?
  • Should the BCS be eliminated, modified, or left alone?
  • Is it acceptable that a large amount of D-1 college football players are not academically eligible...or capable of succeeding academically?
  • The SEC is the most fascinating conference in college football hands down...Any argument?
  • Should college football players be paid? Or are education and perks enough?
  • Who are the best college football players/lawyers of all time? (Gerald Ford, etc)

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